No No Hair Removal Review

No No Hair Removal 1Hair removal is always a tiresome job, especially when you need to use the traditional methods, such as shaving, threading, and so on. These traditional methods are not only time consuming, also are hard on our skin, and needs to be done very frequently to maintain hair free skin. In-parlor wax treatments are very painful, and the laser treatment is very expensive yet has its own side effects. Today, many people believe that hair removal is a crying shame, and can never be easy and simple.

In an ideal world, there should obviously an effective yet low-cost and pain-free solution. What if you get such a solution that you can follow just in your own privacy and comfort at home. Well, the same is possible with the latest No No Hair Removal system that is designed to be so.

About No No Hair Removal

No No Hair Removal is intended to deliver the similar professional and effective hair removal results, while its innovative technology helps you in focusing and treating the harder to contact body areas. Based on its innovative technology known as “Thermicon Technology”, No No Hair Removal offers more effective results than the regular hair removal methods. With No No Hair Removal, you do not need to be tugging, tearing or pulling the hair.

No No Hair Removal comes in a sleeker and slimmer look, yet offers more and more better results during every usage. All that you receive with No No Hair Removal is a smooth and gentle glide that creates a smooth and hair-free skin.

Thermicon Technology

The unique technology used in No No Hair Removal system is found from theNo No Hair Removal 2 principles of thermal interference in order to generate the gentle pulse of heat. This technology generates gentle heat pulses onto your skin. It works in three steps – it generates thermal signals that are able to separate your hair shafts at the specific contact points, crystallizes the top most portion of your hair in order to develop tough residual hair, and then interrupts the communication of the root with the bulge of the hairs in order to prevent the stimulation of hair growth. None of these 3 steps cause any pulling or tearing sensation on the skin since No No Hair Removal System’s gentle and smooth glide effective removal all your facial and body hair.

No No Hair Removal Features

Thermodynamic Wire

The latest No No Hair Removal system features its patented and trademark Thermodynamic Wire that spreads heat pulses through your hair, till the hair root and hair bulb, thus resulting delay in further hair growth.

Thermicon Tips

No No Hair Removal system comes with 2 tips which are useful to deal various part of the body effectively. Its wide thermicon tips are appropriate for flat parts of the body such as chest, arms, back and legs. Its narrow thermicon tips are perfect for sensitive and small parts on the skin such as bikini line, elbows, knees, underarms and face.

Status Screen

No No Hair Removal possesses a status screen which lets the user know when exactly to change the thermicon tip. For example, the screen recommends the user to use standard thermicon tip on the legs whenever the user tries to use smaller thermicon tips. Status screen of No No Hair Removal also display the battery level.

Adjustable Treatment Levels

Since some of the body parts are more sensitive than other parts, the No No Hair Removal system has come up with adjustable treatment levels in order to help the users to adjust the levels according the body part. For example, you have to use the lower level settings to use the system on sensitive areas such as chin, cheeks, and so on.


This No No Hair Removal system is competent to reach all the body areas as No No Hair Removal 3the gadget is cord-free. The user can carry the device to anywhere just by placing it in a bag or purse, even while traveling. That means, with No No Hair Removal, you can have effective and safe hair removal treatment wherever you are.

Sleeker and Slimmer

The No No Hair Removal’s sleeker and slimmer design delivers more flexibility for treating the harder to reach areas on your body, such as sensitive and curved areas.


No No Hair Removal is not just a magic cure for unnecessary hair. In fact, it is an advanced technology gadget for the age old problem. It usually takes so much of patience to get the long-lasting hair removal results. If you are all set for the commitment, then No No Hair Removal is surely a great help for you to achieve long lasting hair removal effect. The device works on any type of hair and skin colors and types – fine or course, light or dark.

No No Hair Removal is a doctor recommender device that is developed after years of thorough sound and proven study, research and development. The device has been featured in various top magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Allure, and many others. The gadget also received the “InStyle Product of the Year Award in 2009, and also was voted as the recommended product of the year in 2011.

Comfortable and Pain-Free

There is absolutely no pulling, scrapping, tearing with No No Hair Removal system. Everything you would experience with this device is a smooth and comfort glide that gently removes the excess hair from your body without causing even the slightest pain. The indicator signals of the gadget red and green lights let you understand whether the device is being used rightly or not. No No Hair Removal system is very compact that the user will feel pretty comfortable using it anywhere – at home or office, or literally anywhere.

Slow Yet Long-Lasting Results

No No Hair Removal 4No No Hair Removal does not promise any instant long-lasting results. However, it can surely deliver long-lasting results with its regular usage. During the first 4 months, you need to use it for every 2 to 3 weeks. Gradually, you can lessen the usage frequency. Within 3 to 4 months, you will realize the long term effects. Many existing customers of No No Hair Removal say that they could realize the long-term effects within first three months of the usage. And, most of those customers are using the system for every 6 to 8 weeks now.

While using the system for long-term, irrespective of your skin color and tone, No No Hair Removal system delivers amazing results that last for about 3 to 4 months. However, it does not permanent hair removal results. Remember, there is nothing called permanent hair removal system, except electrolysis that may result in various side effects such as swelling, discoloring, scabbing and redness.

No Side Effects

No No Hair Removal promises extremely zero side effects. Unlike many hair removal methods, this device does not cause any side effects such as skin irritation, cuts, pain, nicks, mess, burns, swelling, noise, scabbing, redness, dryness, and so on.

No No Hair Removal Package

  • The System is available in silver and pink colors for women, and black for men
  • Narrow thermicon tip: designed for sensitive and smaller body areas No No Hair Removal 5such as knees, face, bikini line, elbows, and other curved body areas.
  • Wide thermicon tip: designed for flat and large areas such as legs, back, arms, and chest.
  • Buffer: No No Hair Removal’s buffer helps you in exfoliating the skin and also in removing treated and crystallized hair for a smoother finish.
  • Smooth Lotion: The package contains an after treatment lotion called No No Smooth Lotion which helps in enhancing the long-term effects, as well as makes your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual CD
  • Deluxe Travel Case
  • Power Supply
  • Quick Guide
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

How to Use No No Hair Removal

No No Hair Removal system is safe and easy to use just on any area of your body. However, as few places may be more sensitive than others, you have to make use of the smaller thermicon tip on such sensitive areas. And, this device is not appropriate to use in nipple and genital areas. Following are the basic steps to use No No Hair Removal System.

Setup: Firstly, you need to charge your new No No Removal System. It has to be charged for about 5 hours while using for the first time. After this, you can charge it as per the requirement in future. Now, open the cover of the No No cover and install the thermicon tip on it. Choose the right tip, smaller tip for sensitive areas and standard tip for larger areas. Finally, arrange the posts in the socket, and install the thermicon tip gently in the socket holes.

Turn On: Use the on/off button given on the top of the device. You have to hold the button for at least one second or two to turn it on or off.

Adjust the Level: Through pressing the button given under the status screen of the No No, you can set the speed level for the hair removal treatment. Make sure to begin the treatment always with lower level, and gradually increase it.

Glide: You need to glide the device on the skin at a 90º angle by keeping the roller flat opposite to your skin, and make sure that the status screen faces towards you. Also, when gliding, you have to hold the skin area firmly in order to have right contact between the No No and your skin which will result in most effective hair removal.

Moisturize: Once you are done with hair removal and buffing, then you have to apply a non-astringent moisturizing cream or lotion such as No No Smooth After Treatment, to make sure you skin looks healthy and glowing.

How Is No No Hair Removal Unique From Others

No No Hair Removal’s thermicon technology is based on heat technology, andNo No Hair Removal 6 it will not use any light such as IPL or laser technologies. Those treatments depend on light and generate heat in order to acquire hair removal. The light will be drawn to the melanin of your hair follicle. As white, grey and light hair do not contain melanin, it becomes hard to remove such hairs by using light. Light cannot offer effective results on such hairs. And, for darker hairs, the contrast between melanin in your hair and melanin in your skin may not be effective and safe to be treated with hair removal methods that utilize light in order to generate heat; because, they may cause side effects such as discoloration, reddishness, burning and so on.

As already said, No No Hair Removal does not make use of light for generating heat. Instead, it uses thermicon technology which is safe on all skin tones, hair colors, skin types and hair types.

No No Hair Removal Advantages

  • Painless – no tearing, pulling or tugging hair
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Lasts longer
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Skin friendly
  • Quicker treatment
  • Easy to carry to anywhere
  • Reasonably priced
  • Treats multiple hairs at once
  • Does not utilize any sort of light unlike Laser and IPL Treatments, hence it is effective as well as safe to use on any skin tone and hair color
  • No cooling gels are used


No No Hair Removal system genuinely and sincerely lives up to its promise. It is definitely an advanced and revolutionary device in the industry, and it can change the point of views on hair removal techniques. Its satisfied customers say that No No is the first device to be available in the market that is perfect for all types of skins and hairs. To conclude, if you are in the serious lookout to get rid of the unwanted body hair to achieve a beautiful skin, then No No Hair Removal system is the right choice for you. You will surely fall in love with the results it yields.

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